Brown Swerve is Here!

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Brown Swerve is Here!

It's Finally Here!

You may have heard the news... it has been swirling around social media and blogs for a few weeks, or even months now...

After 15 years of proudly getting Swerve, Granular and Swerve, Confectioners into your hands and onto your praise singing taste buds, we can finally and confidently say we have added the missing member to our sweetener family.

Insert teasing pause here... are you ready for a hint? Ok. Ok. It rhymes with “chow down” and is the last name of a popular Peanuts character also known as “Charlie.” You think you know what it is now? Drum roll please, measuring cups out and mixers ready for mixing, grass fed butter softened...

That’s right folks! Brown. Swerve. Is. Here!

Brown Swerve!

It has taken 15 years of visioning, and 2 years of testing until we felt like we had a product deserving of the Swerve name and deserving of being introduced to YOU. There really is not anything else like it on the market, and being rooted in New Orleans, we were able to make Brown Swerve BBQ Sauce just like we grew up on! It was SO good, and oh, so missed. Come to mama my sweet, sweet, Brown Swerve.

But, this isn’t just about BBQ sauce y’all. Cookbook and printed off recipes are endless. . . caramel sauces, spice cakes, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cakes, caramel popcorn, chicken rubs, salmon glazes. . . did we tell you it smells a little bit like cotton candy, and it packs. We mean if a recipe calls for a packed ½ cup of Brown Swerve, you are going to get a packed ½ cup of Brown, Swerve.

Brown Swerve is zero calories, non-glycemic, and contains no molasses or sugar!  The ingredients include Erythritol, prebiotic oligosaccharides, vegetable glycerin, fruit juice concentrate (for color), and natural flavors. And it is so amazingly similar to Brown Sugar, it’s no wonder it took us two years to perfect.

Please join with us and our BBQ sauce covered lips, and welcome Brown Swerve to the sweetener family. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Introducing...Brown Swerve!


  • Audrey Wright

    I have only just tried the granular and confectioners Swerve... and I LOvE it

  • Claudia

    Fantastic! Where can I buy brown Swerve in Canada?

    • Swerve

      Hi Claudia! Nowhere yet. But we hope to be able to offer you some online options soon! Stay tuned!

  • Sue K

    24 days ago, I started on the keto diet. I have been enjoying my new lifestyle and love feeling healthier. Swerve is THE best sugar substitute that I have tasted thus far! I also found out I am sensitive to Stevia. So I'm off to buy the big bags of Swerve, for more freedom to explore in baking. Very good job, everyone! *Just a note, Amazon page doesn't alway show that it carries the 48 oz product.

  • cindy degraw

    where can u purchase 48 oz. pigs of Granular, confectioner's , and brown sugar swerve. des Moines, iowa or online . thanks for making a great product. cindy degraw

  • Tanya Pountney

    Is there anywhere in Canada that I can buy brown swerve yet?? I’ve been looking everywhere, but no one seems to carry it.Thanks! You guys make amazing products! I’m hooked on swerve for life! :)

    • Swerve

      Hi Tanya! We do sell in Canada! You can use our Store Locator and make sure you switch to Canada in the drop down for Language and Location. Hope that helps!

  • Lu in Bali

    Do you know of anyone selling Brown Swerve in Indonesia? I have bought the granular and powder Swerves (white) locally, online, but can't find the brown :'(

    • Swerve

      Hi Lu! We do not have distribution in Indonesia as of now but we are working on it! is usually the best place to order internationally and will be restocked soon. Thank you for your interest in Swerve!

  • Marie

    I absolutely love the Swerve Granulated and powder, now please where can I buy it in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Waiting for it for a long time. Thank you so much

    • Swerve

      Hi Marie! Have you checked Store Locator?

  • Zoe Walton

    I have an allergy to Citric Acid Does Swerve brown contain any?

    • Swerve

      Hi Zoe! There is no citric acid in Swerve or Brown Swerve.

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