Ding Dong Cake 3
Ding Dong Cake 3

Essential Swerve Baking Tips Part 2: Cakes, Cookies, and Chocolate


Oh yes, we’re covering the good stuff today. Cakes, cookies, and chocolate! These types of recipes are some of our most popular, so keep reading for our best tips on these tasty treats. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1 of the essential Swerve baking tips series!

Strawberries And Cream Cake 3

Cakes & Cookies

Is it ever a bad time to eat cake, or sneak a cookie?  Not in our book. Everyone has an opinion on the perfect cake or cookie, and the tips below will help you find your perfect match.

  • Don’t be afraid of the butter! An extra tablespoon or two of butter or oil can improve results when baking traditional flour-based cakes. This typically doesn’t apply to almond-flour based recipes.
  • Overcooked? When baking a cake, pie or a pan of brownies that calls for long cooking times, cover with aluminum foil about halfway through the suggested baking time. For example, if a carrot cake needs to bake for 50 minutes, cover the cake after 30 minutes and finish baking. This prevents the outside crust from becoming too firm or overcooking.
  • The chewier, the better!  If you prefer a chewier chocolate chip cookie and your recipe calls for two eggs, use one egg instead. It can also help to add a little milk to your wet ingredients.


Let’s be honest, chocolate is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so check out a few tips to help make your indulgence the best it can be.

  • Sprinkle to blend -  Use Confectioners Swerve  and pass it through a fine mesh sieve before adding to chocolate.
  • Ensure a great texture -  If you’re adding Swerve to melted chocolate, whisk in one tablespoon at a time. If it thickens too much, add a few teaspoons of coconut oil or a tsp of sour cream to help thin it out.
  • Choose the right tool for melting - Use a double boiler when melting chocolate, rather than a saucepan to avoid burnt or seized chocolate
  • “Shine bright like a diamond” - Adding a teaspoon of sour cream to a chocolate ganache, chocolate coating or chocolate sauce will help it hold the glossy appearance once the coating or ganache dries. Try it with the Ding Dong Cake!

Hopefully these tips are helpful! What are your best baking tips? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to join our Swerve Sweetie Baking Club, where we chat all things recipes, tips & tricks, and answer any and all questions you have about Swerve. Finally, stay tuned for the final post in this essential Swerve baking tips series!