Summer cookout
Summer cookout

Everyone Friendly Summer Cookout


Celebrate Being Together

It's been a while since the word party (aka PAR-TAYYY) could be used without great scrutiny or trepidation. But finally, planes are flying and people are starting to have fun again. With most of our team vaccinated, we are all looking forward to summer celebrations together. Not to mention we have a couple weeks left in New Orleans before it becomes unbearably hot, so it's time to plan for a summer cookout. We talked to our friend, Jayne Jones of No Sugar Baker, to get the best tips on making your summer cookout an event that everyone can enjoy. Join Amy and Jayne on Facebook Live when they continue this discussion on 5/26 at 2p central. Jayne will also be sharing her favorite cookout recipes featured below.

    Q: When I say summer cookout, what dishes and feelings come to mind?

    Jayne: Mixed bag. I have a love hate feeling. Love picnic treats, hate summer clothes and pressure of tempting sugary food.

    Q: How can I make my summer gathering more friendly for all diet types?

    Jayne: Healthy doesn't mean boring. Healthy doesn't mean zero fun. Healthy doesn't mean you are the only one at the summer cookout not eating what everyone else is! Recipes can all be adjusted. The sun isn't the only thing that is hot, so is eating healthy.

    Q: What if a friend of mine is having a backyard party and I know there won't be any food options for me?

    Jayne: Come prepared. Take the bull by the horns. Make a few dishes you can pass and share. Surprise and delight everyone with the tasty possibilities of healthy food. Get creative. Have fun with it. You will feel much less anxiety or peer pressure if you go prepared, in a friendly way!