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Get the Skinny: Everything Granola


Every month Swerve conducts a cooking segment on WGNO (New Orleans based television affiliate) with Molly Kimball, a fantastic and intelligent registered dietitian and nutritionist that works with New Orleanians to "Get Their Swerve On!" She recently asked me to create granola for our June segment. With some hesitancy and disdain, I thought, "Granola? How do you make that lower carb, and without honey or maple syrup (sometimes I think granola needs some of that extra flavor!)?"

But I like a challenge, so I spent a few days researching granola. Conducting focus groups on granola consumption and pleasure, and playing with different ingredients, along the way, realizing granola is one of those foods marketed as a healthy snack, when in reality it can be loaded with fat and sugar, while offering little protein and fiber. After much deliberation, and some not so good tasting granola batches, I landed on oats, chopped pork rinds, Swerve, flaxseed and a bit of maple syrup. The granola turned out better that I thought, and it was extra yummy in yogurt or over Swerve Vanilla Ice Cream. Granola over Ice Cream, literally made me do a happy dance!

Are you a granola fan? Have you ever attempted to make your own? What about granola makes you want to do a happy dance?

Get the Skinny in the Kitchen with Swerve: Ben's "Everything" Protein Granola