Get the Skinny - Lemon Cream Sandwiches

Lemon Cream Sandwiches 1
Lemon Cream Sandwiches 1

Get the Skinny - Lemon Cream Sandwiches


Have you ever had a lemon cream sandwich? Don’t be misled by the name of this decadent treat (which is actually a cookie…sneaky little sucker). But, y’all, I must confess - and please don’t judge me as blasphemous - this was the highlight of my Sunday School experience growing up in small town Alabama.  As a young 5-year-old, I couldn’t wait for snack time when they served the LEMON CREAM SANDWICHES - a lemon-flavored filling nestled in between two round circles of sweet, lemon goodness that induced pure joy and perhaps a tiny bit of hyperactivity.  Just a tiny bit. Sorry Mom and Sunday School teachers!

You may recall that, as an adult finding my way through the alternative baking world, I like to use some of my favorite childhood recipes or favorite snack/treats for my inspiration. This time around for our monthly WGNO segment here in New Orleans with local dietician, Molly Kimball, I recreated the (you guessed it) lemon cream sandwich. Y’all, it has 1 net carb per sandwich.  You read that right - one net carb per sandwich- and 17 grams of fat, most of it coming from the filling.  It’s like a little fat bomb of lemony yumminess. Every time I eat one, or, who am I kidding, two, I am taken back to the simpler time of my 5-year-old cravings and my 5-year-old dreams.

I hope your inner 5-year-old enjoys this delicious recipe as much as my 5-year-old (and my adult) self do!

Get the Skinny - Lemon Cream Sandwiches


  • Mary Gunter

    Can I get a recipe for the lemon cream sandwich cookies. Not available on news station website.

    • Swerve

      Hi Mary! Here you go!

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