Macadamia Butter Cups
Macadamia Butter Cups

Introducing...The Swerve Sweeties Baking Club!


We Made a Baking Club!

We are so excited to share that we’ve created an exclusive baking and cooking group for Swerve users, called the “Swerve Sweeties Baking Club!” This group exists to provide an interactive space for all of our Sweeties to chat about all things Swerve. Topics will include favorite recipes, baking hiccups, how to best use Swerve, and you may even get the 411 on new and exciting Swerve events.  This private group lives on Facebook, and to participate, simply request to join!

Why were we inspired to create this group?

We receive daily phone calls, emails, and comments from bakers/cooks of all skill levels that use Swerve. Some report on their recipe successes, some share their total fails, and some tell us they are slow to begin Swerving because they don’t know where to start. With these mixed stories of confidence and shaky nerves in mind, the Swerve Sweeties Baking Club was brainstormed and created.  Now, we don’t expect you to do this alone . . .the Swerve team will be there with you every step of the way!

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What to expect

So what exactly can you expect from this group? A community of bakers/cooks getting their Swerve on! We will also be sharing our latest recipes and social media content in this group. Plus, announcements, giveaways, and direct support from the Swerve team to troubleshoot recipes.

Who should join this group? Anyone! You can be a Veteran Swerve user, or new to the world of alternative baking and cooking. Or maybe, you’ve never even tried Swerve before, but want to know what it’s all about, all are welcome!

What we ask of you

And if you do join, what do we ask of you? Simply share your recipes! We know y’all have some favorites up your sleeve, or for the tech savvy, pinned on your Pinterest board. They can be simple or complex - we want to see all of them! We also encourage you to ask baking and functionality questions. We can all learn from each other! Finally, we want to see you participate in conversations. These can be about your baking experiences, healthy journeys, and any other topic you’d like to bring to the dessert table!

So what are you waiting for? Join the Swerve Sweeties Baking Club today! We can’t wait to start baking and satisfying our sweet tooth with you! Click here to join the group!

Macadamia Butter Cups