Bbq Sauce 3
Bbq Sauce 3

Memorial Day Menu


Swerve Your Memorial Day!

For many of us, Memorial Day kicks off the summer season. The temperatures are getting hotter, and this holiday is the perfect excuse to gather around the grill and hang out with your friends and family. Here at Swerve, we never miss a reason to celebrate Memorial Day, mostly because it means Swerve BBQ Sauce, Ice Cream, and other tasty desserts. And, as you may know,  we’re really into desserts.. So, to help you get your Swerve on, we came up with not one - but three perfectly planned Memorial Day Menus! Hopefully, this inspires your grilling, cooking, baking and tasting adventures for the upcoming holiday. And if you want more ideas, check out this blog post on swerving your Memorial Day!

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Tenders
Berry Trifle
Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts