Reframe Your Resolutions


This year, say YES!

Well, here we are again! Another year of holiday celebrations in the books. Gifts were exchanged, carols were sung, treats were consumed, eggnog was drunk, and memories were made. We wrapped up another season with full bellies and hearts, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Now that we’ve flipped the calendars to January, you might be thinking of your goals and intentions for 2020. (Specifically, diet and health-related, maybe?) After all, the holidays were crazy - calories, carbs, and sugar, oh my!

We get it - and we’re all for making healthier changes to your lifestyle. But sometimes, we can be a little tough on ourselves. Sometimes we can go a little crazy with restrictions to “make up for” those indulgences. Your mind starts racing, thinking, “I need to get back on track. I need to do something. Dry January? Strict keto? Whole30? Which diet should I choose? What do I need to cut out?”

New Year’s resolutions are great. They challenge you to look ahead and be the best version of yourself. But they can be tricky - especially if they are coming from a place of deprivation. No one likes to feel deprived! No one likes to feel like a failure if they cheat or slip up on a strict diet. And a lot of the time, the restriction can backfire and make you crave the things you cut out even more.

So this year, we’re challenging you to reframe your resolutions. Instead of thinking of all the things you need to restrict, why not think of all the ways you can say yes?! Why not think of all the things you want to do MORE of?! You’ve got a brand new clean slate of a year. What can you do this year to enrich and nourish your body and your life?

Here are some of the things we want to say YES to in 2020:

  • Self-acceptance
  • Green veggies (especially crispy air-fried brussel sprouts)
  • Spontaneous weekend trips
  • New workout classes
  • Healthy cupcakes 
  • Beginning each day with gratitude
  • New friends
  • Trying new recipes

We want 2020 to be your best year yet. We believe that resolving to say YES to things that improve your overall health and wellbeing is the best way to do just that! Here’s to a brand new year. We hope you say YES to all of the life that lies ahead!