Sweet & Sour Chicken Skewers
Sweet & Sour Chicken Skewers

Swerve Your Memorial Day


With beach season around the corner, we’re taking extra care to work on our fitness and nutrition game. At the same time, these warmer temperatures make us want to head outdoors and socialize with friends and family! Memorial Day is this weekend, and that means backyard BBQ parties. Here at Swerve, we’re all about including more of the good stuff, and less of the things that don’t make us feel so great, including added sugar in hidden places.

Hidden Sources of Sugar and How to Avoid Them

BBQ Sauce

Sugar is a common ingredient in store bought BBQ sauces. Believe it or not, a 2 tablespoon serving can have up to 16g of sugar per serving! This Chipotle Whiskey Barbecue sauce has 0g net carbs  per serving, and is so delicious. It will be all anyone can talk about at your Memorial Day celebration, and when they hear it’s sugar-free, jaws will drop!

Salad Dressing

This one is super frustrating. There you are, eating your healthy salad. But if you picked up a bottle of salad dressing from the store, you might be getting up to 10g of added sugar per serving! We love this recipe for a Raspberry Vinaigrette by CarbSmart that uses Swerve and has zero sugar.


It is a huge summer bummer to have to say no to a delicious cocktail when your friends are indulging at a party because you’re trying to stay on track with your health goals. We get it. That’s why we created this delicious Watermelon Mojito with only 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar from the watermelon and lime.

More Recipes!

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