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Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up


Swerve Your Traditions

Thanksgiving is officially next week! And we are really into this holiday. Pies? Casseroles? Cranberry Sauce? Ham? Yes to everything. We are all about gathering with loved ones and eating a lot of really tasty food. And Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to do those very things.

A lot of people are big on traditional dishes and family recipes that they make year after year. We're right there with you! But, we also like to Swerve those traditions to make dishes a little bit healthier, without anyone noticing the difference. So what is our secret ingredient? If you guessed Swerve, you guessed right!

So what is the Swerve team making for Thanksgiving this year? Ben is whipping up his Sweet Potato Casserole and his sister's famous Green Bean Bundles- all Brown Swerve inspired. Amy bakes a minimum of 5 pies each Thanksgiving, and this Sweet Potato Pie is definitely in the line up.  Bri can't wait to make her Pumpkin S'mores Layer Cake, which takes no less than four hours to prepare. We'll just file that one under "labor of love."

We hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving, and we are swerved sweets loving grateful for your support, calls, emails, and especially recipes. Keep scrolling for some T-Day inspiration, and be sure to tag us on social media if you make any of these recipes or are Swerving your Thanksgiving Day in general!