Valentine's Day Recipe Round Up

Valentines Day Cookie
Valentines Day Cookie

Valentine's Day Recipe Round Up


Here at Swerve, we're big fans of Valentine's Day because it's just another excuse to eat chocolate and sweets. Who wouldn't enjoy a holiday that celebrates love and candy!?

Whether you're celebrating with your boo, friends, family members, or flying solo this year, we highly recommend getting in the spirit with one of these heart warming and sweet tooth satisfying desserts. 

Remember, YOU are our sweeties all year long! Happy Valentine's Day!


  • janet knisley

    Thank you for the Swerve sample packets and coupons. Bought both the granulated and powdered. Love it. Made brownies and banana bread so far; they were great.

    • Swerve

      Hi Janet, you are very welcome! Those both sounds delicious!

  • jacqueline hammon

    i have only tried the granular i find it doesnt melt very good it is still kinda gritty in some stuff does the confectioners taste the same .i so wish someplace in peru ,indiana sold swerve

  • GG

    I've never used swerve before, until one day I found the confectioners swerve. I must say it's my absolute favorite sweetener and I use it in all my recipes. I can not tell the difference between this product and sugar as far as taste and texture. I have yet to try the swerve granular. Hopefully soon I'll find it. As it's always sold out where I shop.

    • Swerve

      Hey GG! We're so glad to hear you're a fan of Confectioner's! Hopefully you'll get to try Granular soon :)

  • Shyla Smith

    I dearly love the Swerve sugar, both powdered and granulated. I just wish my local store carried the rest of the items. Natural Grocer in Boise, Idaho.

    • Swerve

      Hi Shyla! Looks like the Boise Coop carries the whole line!

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