Meet the Swerve Team

Swerve Scenes Behind The Scenes
Swerve Scenes Behind The Scenes

Meet the Swerve Team

Swerve: Behind the Scenes


  • Fatima

    What fruits are in to make a product?? What is different with Agave ?? Regards,

    • Swerve

      Hi there Fatima, Thanks for your question! Swerve is made from Erythritol, which is made from fruits like melons and grapes. Swerve and Agave are both natural sweeteners, but Agave contains sugar, whereas Swerve is calorie and sugar-free!

  • Louis Birden

    Do erythritol have an laxative effect on the body. Thanks. Louis Birden.

    • Swerve

      Hi Louis, for most people it does not! The upper tolerance is around 80g per day, which is much more than would be normally consumed.

  • Janet McDavid-Collins

    Can I purchase Swerve directly from your company or head quarters?

  • Beth

    So happy and appreciative for you all at Swerve! Your products and hard work have impacted many lives. I personally am incredibly appreciative! Thank You! I wasn’t surprised to see an Aussie hanging out there. I have loved and cared for those amazing Australian Shepherd’s my whole life. My boys are asking for some swerve canine treats? They need a reward after caring for their humans all day every day. Thank You!

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