Meet Our Team

Meet Sweet

Meet the Swerve team and learn a little about us. We're small, but we're mighty.

Aimee Guidry

When bakeries come a-knockin', Aimee answers the door. (And sends the Swerve.)

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Waffles, and don't skimp on the syrup and Confectioners!
  • Non-baker, for safety reasons.
  • Not into: Warm tomatoes - especially on a burger.
  • Into: Chips and queso. Like whoa.

Amy Davis, RD, LDN

One half of Amy does sales. The other half does marketing. The third half is a registered dietitian.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars. And anything covered in chocolate ganache.
  • Baker, because anything chocolate or salted caramel will always be worth making.
  • Not into: Arugula. Don't put it in smoothies.
  • Into: Assembling epic charcuterie boards, name-dropping every pop song on the radio.

Ashlynn Buras

Ashlynn writes the checks, checks the balances, and balances finance and operations. And sleeping.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Pancake on a stick with Jimmy Dean hot breakfast sausage.
  • Non-baker, for fear of poisoning co-workers.
  • Not into: Tomatoes before they're transformed into something else.
  • Into: Sleeping. Like, a lot.

Bri Mayes

Bri balances Swerve HQ on her shoulders in Atlassian fashion. Were she to shrug, we'd have nowhere to turn for customer experience, forklift operation, trade show planning, or glutenful baking.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Confetti cheesecake. Live every day like a very small party.
  • Baker who loves Swerve and loves the gluten.
  • Not into: Rice and ketchup. Not together, not apart, not any which way.
  • Into: Impressions of pretty much anybody. Oh, and rapping.

Christine Alba

Whether Christine is flying around the country to trade shows and sales meetings or reading your tarot cards, she always makes sure she gets her steps in.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Vanilla mug cake. Easy to carry while getting your steps in.
  • Does she bake? Now she does!
  • Not into: Chocolate and raspberry together
  • Into: Conversing entirely in movie quotes.

Dionne Michel

Dionne is in charge of getting paid (aka Accounts Receivable). She's also the Co-Chair of the Swerve chapter of the Weenie Dogs Fan Club. (That's Charlie, trying to steal her drink.)

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Irish Coffee. Oh, and s'mores cupcakes.
  • Baker? Well, she loves trying to bake with her girls.
  • Not into: Dionne is into everything. Except not being into stuff.
  • Into: Eating a whole box of Caramel Delites. Gotta support the Girl Scouts, after all.

Tabby Bush

Tabby makes sure the Swerve gets from us to you by UPS, truck, boat, plane, or even sometimes in the back of her car. When things get serious, Tabby gets coffee. One coffee. That's plenty, thank you.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Pumpkin S'mores Cupcakes
  • Baker? No. You're welcome.
  • Not into: Noodles. Yes, we know it's weird. We keep her around anyway.
  • Into: Transforming into a superhero after one cup of coffee.

Mike Hartnett

Mike dreams in Swerve, which is possibly the result of writing and replying to social media posts for almost 7 years. He also thinks about Swerve a lot while awake, thankfully.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Sesame miso cookies. Really anything weird.
  • Baker? He once baked 48 mini cupcakes without cupcake liners. But he tries.
  • Not into: Things that aren't delicious.
  • Into: New flavors and playing paparazzi at work.

Andy Armstrong

Andy wants to see the data. Give him data, a sweet treat he can eat, and a trip to Comic-Con and he'll be happy.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Blueberry Breakfast Bars
  • Baker? He’s on a lifelong quest to find the right egg replacer, and when that happens, just try and stop him.
  • Not into: Being allergic to eggs, nuts, shrimp, or melons.
  • Into: Finding really obscure places to explore while traveling the world.

Ben McLauchlin

Ben spends so much time spreading the word about Swerve that he receives mail at the airport. But when he does happen to be at home, you're sure to find him testing a new recipe. And re-testing.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Lemon raspberry cupcakes or strawberry shortcake. Depends on the day.
  • Director of Baking.
  • Not into: Oysters. Everyone has flaws.
  • Into: Exercising his cat-like reflexes by saving pencils and other objects from rolling off tables.

Andress Blackwell

Andress has worn every hat this place has. Chief Executive Idea Generator/ Salesperson/ Cheerleader/ Taste-Tester/ Keeper of the Brand/ Forklift Driver/ Eternal Optimist/ Industry Pulse Taker

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Swerve Sweets Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Bakes from time to time, but happily eats the baked goods constantly coming out of the oven around here.
  • Not into: Denying yourself.
  • Into: Changing the world one bite at a time.

Emily Gass

Emily speaks softly and carries all the right answers. She writes, she strategizes, she analyzes, and she'll beat the pants off you in a bike race to boot.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Lemon Cream Sandwiches
  • Baker? More of a biker.
  • Not into: Chocolate chip cookies. Yes, it's possible. Yes, she's still human. We think.
  • Into: Finding the nearest pinball machine and a roll of quarters.

Laurie Winter

Laurie juggles finance, operations, and being a self-professed "Florida girl" from Chicago. Honestly, it's probably easier to make shipping and numbers go smoothly than it is to stand in a foot of snow and pretend it's sand.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: No Bake Peanut Butter Brownie Bars, which are also highly jugglable.
  • Baker? Why bake when you have a family baker whose expertise is not to be challenged?
  • Not into: All the cake that's under the frosting.
  • Into: Deepak Chopra. Also Tupac.

Spencer Jacobs

Spencer is secretive for a sales guy. All we really know is that he likes breakfast a lot, and we took a real gamble on a guy in Las Vegas.

  • Desert-Island Swerved Treat: Oatmeal Cream Pies! And Pancake and Waffle mix. He's a rule-breaker.
  • Baker? More of a taste-tester for his wife's creations.
  • Not into: Pesto and expiration dates. Or was that pesto WITH expiration dates?
  • Into: Breaking his fast at any point in the day or night.