We Value Sweetness Above All

We Value Sweetness

And that means more than just your favorite sweeteners and bake mixes. At Swerve, we're very clear on our brand values, and we'd like to make sure you know where we stand, too. This is what Swerve means to us.

Brand Values 1

Cheers to the Sweetie. The one who'll bake a cake to crown a sibling's birthday. The one who will whip up a pasta sauce to heal a friend's heart. The one who will bust out some brownies because, well, who doesn't love chocolate? The one who cares enough about you to make a small change that will make a big difference in your life. It's about supporting any excuse they need to light up their stoves, heat up their ovens, and make a dish that makes a difference. A Sweetie is someone who prepares and shares food with their loved ones—and our value is to ignite and nurture that potential inside everyone. 

Brand Values 2

Our story is about living life, not just lowering sugar. We're here to celebrate our contribution and support delicious, healthy habits that lead to a full and happy life. We want to nurture healthy relationships with food and help people feel confident eating baked goods. Customers don’t have to give up on life’s little treats. With this in mind, we strive to inspire others and ourselves to approach life with vitality.

Brand Values 6

At Swerve, we understand that not everyone has a grandma that baked or a mom that cooked, which is why we believe in making new food memories with customers today that they can share tomorrow. Mothers and sons, uncles and nieces, best friends forever—no matter what the relationship or connection, we enjoy transforming baking moments into traditions that better customers' lives. We believe Swerve can be that not-so-secret ingredient that nurtures traditions and sweetens memories.

Brand Values 3

Swerve is about changing direction. No matter where people are on their change journey, or even why they're making that change, we will be right there to help out and hold their hand along the way. That service extends beyond the kitchen: We can get behind any change that brings families together and friends closer while making communities healthier and stronger. We are committed to championing our customers through their successes and struggles.

Brand Values 4

At Swerve, we value the strength of relationships as much as the strength of our business. We're more than a sugar replacement company: we're a partner and a friend in the kitchen, the kind that you can call on to mix the batter as well as lick the spoon. Our passion to help people bake healthfully is natural and true. Our desire to serve customers better is baked in. Our need to build deep, intimate friendships is sincere. It is with this value that we can give our audience recipes, tools, and inspiration to build a sweet life. 

Brand Values 5

We believe that offering food to somebody else is an act of kindness that comforts everyone involved. Sharing what we have and giving what we create is baked into our DNA. Whether lending an ear, giving space for others to shine, or collaborating on a recipe, we believe that all of our touchpoints put customer needs first and foremost. We strive to be caring and compassionate every day