Sweetener Conversion Chart

Sweetener Conversion Chart

Today, we’re sharing a super helpful tool for baking with your favorite sweetener! A few weeks ago, we took an in-depth look at the most popular natural sweeteners available today to help you decide which sweetener is right for you. Hopefully that post helped you choose your favorite option(s).

But since there are so many sweetener options to choose from, you’ll find recipes calling for many different types of sweeteners. And all of these different sweeteners have varying levels of sweetness. One of the most common questions the Swerve team gets is “If this recipe calls for X amount of X sweetener, how much Swerve should I use?”

One of the great things about Swerve is that it measures cup-for-cup just like sugar. It is a simple, even substitution in classic or family-favorite recipes using sugar.  We call this “Swerving” your recipes (check out a recent contest over in our Sweeties Baking Group on Facebook to see how other folks “Swerve” their family faves)!

However, we understand that all of you are health-conscious people! We know that you are looking at better-for-you recipes with alternative ingredients and other natural sweeteners that may not have the same sweetness level as sugar.

So, we decided to help you out! We created a sweetener conversion chart that you can use whenever you need to swerve your recipe! Simply find the sweetener and amount called for in the recipe and run your finger up the chart to find out how much Swerve should be used! Easy as pie. Happy baking!

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