Chocolate Mousse with Créme Anglais

Chocolate Mousse With Créme Anglais
Chocolate Mousse With Créme Anglais

Chocolate Mousse with Créme Anglais


Chocolate Mousse with Créme Anglais

I learned long ago that the best way to stick to any healthy eating plan is to allow oneself regular treats.  Like every high school girl, I went through periods of eating nothing but carrot sticks in an effort to stay svelte.  I now look back in horror on those days of self-deprivation, in part because I was already svelte  enough as it was (oh the joys of peer pressure in high school).  But I am also horrified because I know now that such starvation methods were wildly unhealthy and only led me to be more obsessed with sweets.  Good thing I learned my lesson quickly and avoided becoming a binge eater.

As someone with a huge sweet tooth, I think that the best healthy eating plan is one that incorporates dessert on a regular basis.  And no, I don’t mean once a week on a cheat day.  I mean daily - because I don’t feel satisfied at the end of the day if it hasn’t included dessert.  But wait, there’s a catch.  You knew there would be, because how can any healthy eating plan include dessert every day?  Unless I am talking about a little crumb of chocolate each night, or those tasteless packaged puddings and Jellos made with (shudder) artificial sweeteners.

Thankfully, I am talking about neither of these things.  I am talking about rich, creamy, satisfying desserts made with Swerve Sweetener.  As a diabetic, I’ve come to see sugar as the mortal enemy of any healthy eating plan.   Besides being full of empty calories that spike your blood glucose (yes, even in non-diabetics), sugar is addictive and it always leaves you wanting more.  But desserts made with Swerve are as flavorful and rich-tasting as their carb-filled counterparts, without the nasty glucose spike.

Don’t believe me?  Try this Chocolate Mousse with Crème Anglais on for size.  Eat your fruits and veggies all day, then treat yourself with dessert.  Then do it all over again tomorrow.   


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