What Makes a Sweetener Keto-Friendly (Or Anything-Friendly, Really)?


With everyone and the New York Times recognizing that excess sugar isn’t great for you, keto and other low carb diets have officially hit the big time. For a lot of people, that makes for big changes to how they eat, and that can be tough. At Swerve, our mission is to make those changes a little easier. After all, life is for living.

So what factors do people eating keto typically look for in a sweetener?

  • Low carb,
  • Natural,
  • Non-glycemic, and
  • Delicious

Be in Control of Your Carbs

Depending on the path you choose, your dietary carbohydrate needs will vary. But the one constant is that Swerve allows you to be in control of your carbs – both with our Sweeteners and our Sweets bake mixes. If you’re keto and really trying to get those sugars as low as possible, sweeteners like Swerve can help you cut added sugar entirely. And with low-net-carb bake mixes, you can keep things tasty and simple while still hitting your macros.

 As for natural foods, it isn’t just ketovangelists that have hopped on the train. A healthy skepticism of what impact artificial sweeteners might have on your body has become fairly common, and many keto and low-carb eaters are no exception. With ingredients derived entirely from fruits and vegetables, you don’t need to worry about what’s in Swerve.

Balanced Blood Sugar Benefits

One of the major benefits of keto and other low carb diets is ensuring that your blood sugar doesn’t spike when you eat. And whether you’re trying to stay in ketosis or just cutting down on breads, pastas, and desserts, keeping your blood sugar in check is a great way to feel better on a daily basis. In addition to avoiding the after-lunch slump, blood sugar regulation has long-term impacts on your metabolism and the way your body ages.

 But maybe the most important factor is that a sweetener has to be just plain delicious. To be consistent about the way you eat, it just has to taste good. And that’s where Swerve can help. Swerve tastes, measures, and bakes just like sugar, so your keto, carb-conscious, or just-a-little-less-sugar-filled treats still taste like a treat!