What Makes Swerve the Everyone Friendly Sweetener?

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What Makes Swerve the Everyone Friendly Sweetener?

We believe in delicious, natural, healthy baking and cooking for all.

What is Swerve, anyway?

Swerve is a natural, zero calorie, non-GMO, and low-glycemic sweetener made from a blend of erythritol and oligosaccharides.

That's a mouthful.

What does that mean?

It means that if you're baking or cooking and looking to use less sugar, you can substitute it with Swerve. Period.

Looking to avoid artificial sweeteners? Us too. Trying to cut calories and reach your health goals? Swerve can help. Going keto and don't care much about calories, but don't want to even think about carbs? No carbs here. Diabetic and looking to avoid blood sugar spikes? Swerve doesn't cause them.

In short, Swerve is the Everyone Friendly Sweetener because we're here for your lifestyle, no matter what it looks like.

And it's not just Swerve Sweetener, either!

In addition to Swerve Granular, there's also Swerve Confectioners, Brown Swerve, and five low-carb, gluten free bake mixes to choose from: Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pancake and Waffle, and Brownie. For the times you want all the sweet with a lot less work!

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